Labeling Machines
Labeling Machines
    1. Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine
    2. Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine The self-adhesive labeling machine is suitable for round or square bottles. It is driven by stepping motor or servo motor for a better labeling effect. It is PLC controlled, with the labeling effect accomplished through photoelectric detection, ensuring the labeling position and angle are adjustable.
    1. Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine
    2. Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine The shrink sleeve labeling machine is constructed with quality stainless steel and aluminum alloys for a strong, compact structure. Adjustment is easily controlled through a touchscreen, while the machine itself uses brand new design ideas and an advanced circuit design to reduce the need for mechanical adjustment and significantly increase label cutting precision and speed.
    1. Wet Glue Labeling Machine (for Round Bottle), TN-120A
    2. Wet Glue Labeling Machine (for Round Bottle), TN-120A The wet glue labeling machine for round bottles automatically labels plastic, PET and glass bottles. Sensors detect when a bottle has no label and will not apply glue as well as when a bottle is out of place. This glue labeler is used in agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries for bottling products.
ZHONGTAI Packing Machinery

Zhongtai is a specialized filling and packaging equipment manufacturer, located within Jintai Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province. Our factory spans across 5,550 square meters. Our packaging machines are installed in over 20 provinces in China, Southeast Asia, and more overseas markets.

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