Bottle Washing Machine
    1. Automatic Bottle Rinser, QS Series
    2. Automatic Bottle Rinser, QS Series The QS series of automatic bottle rinsers continuously sprays and washes bottles with high efficiency. Before being filled with mineral water or other liquids, this rotary bottle washer ensures that plastic and glass bottles of different specifications are thoroughly sanitized using sterile compressed air for use in the beverage industry.
    1. Shrink Tunnel, HX-100
    2. Shrink Tunnel, HX-100 The HX-100 shrink tunnel is fully automatic, emitting a continuous output of steam to steam labels onto bottles of many different specifications. Easy to use and highly efficient, the heat tunnel is an essential part of the production line.
ZHONGTAI Packing Machinery

Zhongtai is a specialized filling and packaging equipment manufacturer, located within Jintai Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province. Our factory spans across 5,550 square meters. Our packaging machines are installed in over 20 provinces in China, Southeast Asia, and more overseas markets.

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