Filling Machines
5-30L Drum Filling Machine
    1. Net Weight Filling Machine (5L-30L)
    2. Net Weight Filling Machine (5L-30L) This machine is a flow meter type filling machine with high filling accuracy. It applies to 0.5-5L liquid for filling. Filling system can be choose: Flow meter /piston /Net weight. Widely use for edible oil packing industries.
    1. Flow Meter Filling Machine (5L-30L)
    2. Flow Meter Filling Machine (5L-30L) This type filling system is flow meter type which is the better ideal for oils filling packing. The principle of the elliptic gear flow meter is to measure the rotation of the elliptic gear by the pressure head of the measured medium.
    1. Corrosive Liquids Filling Machine (5L-20L)
    2. Corrosive Liquids Filling Machine (5L-20L) This line is suitable for packing 5L -20L acid bleach products, acid, toilet cleaner, corrosive liquids, etc. This machine is used for the automatic low viscosity liquid filling in 5L -20L.
ZHONGTAI Packing Machinery

Zhongtai is a specialized filling and packaging equipment manufacturer, located within Jintai Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province. Our factory spans across 5,550 square meters. Our packaging machines are installed in over 20 provinces in China, Southeast Asia, and more overseas markets.

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